Panzer-Shop Goes Black


For many years you have known us for our semi transparent scale models of vehicles, figurines and more. Since the very start of our company we have used this same printing material, because it gave us a perfect balance between detail quality, rigidity, production ease and affordability. We have tried several times to find or develop a new material that gives us all of these properties, but in an improved manner, and have failed ever since.

Until now! Some customers have already noticed that we are slowly moving our production line to our new printing material, black! This new material is extensively tested, and we believe that this is an improved version of the transparent material you have come to know from us. 

And now you might be wondering; Why are you switching to a different material? Let me explain the reasons why we are switching:

  • Production And Quality Control
    As everyone who ever held our transparent models can tell you, it's very hard to tell the details and model look from the unpainted model. You really first need to paint the model in a base color before you can really see what the quality of the design and print work is. 
    Because the model is so hard to see when unpainted, that means that sometimes models slipped through which had broken parts, and we did not notice! This new black color has a much better contrast and is not see-through, which means that we can see much better what the model looks like when we prepare it for shipping. When there are issues, they are much easier to notice
  • Ease Of Painting
    We and several of our customers often paint our models without a primer, because the models hold the paint very well. This new black material gives a much nicer finish, with better detail visibility than the old, transparent, color.
  • Detailing Grade & Model Strength
    The hardest part of this search was, as mentioned before, finding a material that matched our old material both in detailing quality, and strength of parts such as mirrors, doorsteps and more. Many material types are quite strong, but they don't bend at all. Some bend very well, but then deform to never get back into the correct shape. This material has very similar properties to our old material, which is what we were looking for. The old, trusted model quality, but in a better color for painting & production.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
    This new material is made for a large part from biodegradable material, which means that it is better for the polar bears. Who does not want that? On top of that it's also healthier to work with, so win-win!
  • The WOW-Factor
    Let's face it, when opening the package, the old models were quite underwhelming. Once painting the models you could see their quality fully, but when opening the package it was often quite hard to see what it was that you bought and what the quality of it is. With this new material you see immediately, out of the box, what amazing quality products you have purchased!

We truly believe that this new material is a big step forward, and we believe you will think so too. Below are some images to compare the old and new model color and detailing! We look forward to hearing from you what you think and if this is something you agree with! Feel free to always contact us with your thoughts on the new material, and we hope to see you again soon in the future! 

With kind regards,

Kevin Boogaard
Owner of



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