Q: What is Panzer-Shop.nl?
A: We are a print-on-demand service focussing on products for modell railroads. Currently we provide products in N, TT and Z scale. Since we are a print-on-demand service we do not have to keep stock, but we produce your order once it has been paid. This means that you can get all of our vehicles, currently more then 800, all quickly! This also means that it is no problem to produce your order in for example 1:144 or 1:148.

Q: How are the scale models made?
A: All vehicles are made of resin. Most companys use casting resin to make their models, but this results in a lower detailling grade then possible with Resin. This is why we print our models with a special technique to get them precise to the design up to 0.02mm. After this they are cured in UV-light to ensure optimal strength.

Q: In what colors can i order the scale models?
A: In a transparant color only. We sell some models painted on our German website, but we focus on our selection of unpainted models most.

Q: I would like to have the models in 1:144, 1:148, 1:150, or another scale close to 1:160.
No problem! Send us an email with the vehicles you would like to have rescaled and we can make it happen. The prices are exactly the same as our 1:160 models, so no extra pricing. Scales like 1:100, 1:87 and 1:72 we do not make.

Q: What about the environment? Do you think about that?
A: Yes. Nowadays everyone has to do their bit, so we do that as well. Our equipment and consumables are carefully selected for natural degradability. Poorly degradable materials are also disposed of properly. Resin-printed models are not going to be more enviromental friendly then ours!

Q: I have had several 3D printed models from different large companies. I was unhappy with those as they broke very quickly, and they were hard to paint. Is it the same with yours?
A: Our models are generally praised for the fact that they break less quick than the models from most other common suppliers. Since we use a different printing method we use resin that is much less easy to break, and that is much easier to paint. Because parts like mirrors are slightly flexible they wont break on the first touch. We also do not have the sandpaper-like surface like many other suppliers do. 

Q: What is the best way to paint the models?
A: Take a look on our How-To's page. One of our customers, Derk, has written very clear guides on how you can easily paint the models, even without prior experience. Of course you can also paint the models with an airbrush!

The models are degreased best with an alcohol solution like isopropanol or medical alcohol for wounds. If any stubs remain of the supports that are used for printing, those are easily removed with any modelling vile.

Q: Are there other things i should pay attention to?
A: It is important, as with any model, to not keep the model in the sun for too long. Especially unpainted models are very sensitive to sunlight, because they might overcure. In light cases they might turn slightly brown, but in extreme cases they might turn very brown and crack over time. This might even happen weeks after being over exposed to UV-light, it does not have to happen immediatly. So watch out for the sun!

Q: What are the payment methods?
A: Currently we accept IDeal, Mastercard and PayPal. You can also send us the money via bank transfer. You can select all of the options during the ordering process.

Q: My company is located outside of The Netherlands, but inside the EU. Can i get the VAT deducted?
A: Yes! When you enter your company name and your VAT number during check-out all of the VAT will be automatically deducted, in complience to European law.

Q: I live outside the European Union. Can i purchase your goods with the tax deducted?
A: Yes! To all countries outside of the European Union all VAT is removed from the order. This may be charged by your customs agency, depending on the laws in your country.

Q: Since Brexit shipping from the EU has been a disaster. Do you experience any difficulties with that?
A: I am proud to say that we dont! We have a very loyal British customer base and ship several packages to the UK each month. We have never had problems with this, as we ship a lot of packages worldwide and are used to dealing with customs papers. You can rest assured that your order will arrive safely!

Q: What are the shipping costs?
A: Shipping to The Netherlands is €6,99. You will receive a track and trace code by email.

In other cases shipping costs will vary. You can watch the actual shipping cost in the shopping cart. We ship to the entire EU, Australia, America, Canada, Russia and Switzerland. If we don't ship to your country yet, send us a message and it will be arranged! Shipping is free to all countries for orders above €200.

Please note that we cannot ship Microscale products, or any fluids available in our webshop to countries outside of the European Union.

Q: Whats the delivery time?
A: You can find our shipping times on this page.

Q: Something in the order proces is too difficult. I can't get it done.
A: That can happen. Just send us a message through the contact form and we will help you out!

Q: How can i stay up to date with the new products and promotions going on in the webshop?
A: The best way to stay up to date is through Facebook! You can find it by clicking on this link: https://www.facebook.com/PanzerShopNL . The Facebook posts are written in both German, English and Dutch. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter, which is available in Dutch, German and English  

Q: I have another question, but it isnt on this list!
A: Send us a message through the contact form and we will answer your email within 24 hours!


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