Part 3: Windows

Hello and welcome to the next step of model painting. Now let's make the windows with Microscale Kristal Klear (MKK)! All in all, after some practice, this is a process of about 2 minutes, so it's going to be a short How-To.

Step 1: The Side Windows
We're going to start with the small windows on the side. We take the MKK and put a good drop on the tip of a skewer. Then we slowly lower the drop into the window and move it around a bit, so that the MKK adheres to all edges. When you take the skewer out again, you will have a nice white membrane. The MKK will dry transparently, which ensures that a beautiful glass remains behind.

Sometimes there are some windows that are difficult to approach from the side, which you can close from the inside through the windscreen. You can easily remove any MKK that is on places where it should not be with the dry side of the skewer.

Step 2: The Windshield
Then the windshield. This one is a bit more difficult because the window is a bit bigger. First you want to put a little bit of MKK on the tip of the skewer, so that you can wet the edges of the window with MKK. After this, take another good drop of MKK and run the toothpick flat across the windshield from one side to the other. If it does not stay closed properly, you can put a little more MKK on the skewer until it is enough.

You can again correct any unsightly edges with the dry side of the skewer.

Step 3: Laying it to Dry
Depending on how much MKK you have used, it can take a while before it dries. To get the best result, you want to place the model with the nose down. Since it is a liquid, it would like to bulge inwards. By letting the model dry on the nose, gravity pulls the bulge back forward again, causing a nice flat window to dry.

Do not varnish the model with the airbrush! If you put a clear coat over the MKK it will become dull and it will get a milky color that will not go away.

And that was it! All in all, 2 minutes of work when you've done it a few times. The advantage is also that you use very little Microscale Kristal Klear, so that a jar lasts a long time. If you are going to make the windscreen from cut-out plastic, you can also glue it with MKK. Since it sticks well and dries transparent, this is the perfect glue for transparent windows made of plastic.

Hopefully see you in the next How-To!

Kevin Boogaard



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